Aurora, Colorado Congressional, District 6  Republican Candidate

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We must continue empowering our economy through stimulating growth and allow the private sector to have more control over economy. While the public sector is important, we must also encourage the private sector to build our economy as much as possible. Through less red tape and more innovation, we will see job growth and demand, wages will be competitive, and more revenue being generated into our economy.

We can achieve this by having an economy that lowers taxes on the people, has fair trade deals, and less government regulation. We currently have record low unemployment (for women and minorities), jobs are coming back, and wages are rising. We must continue that trend and have the measures built in for our continued economic growth.


Our founders gave us the right to keep and bear arms for a reason. History shows us that Governments take over because citizens are unarmed. We are one of the few countries who allows our citizens to be armed, and for it to be a right. In recent years, these has been much discussion centered around gun control. Beginning to regulate what people can and cannot do with their second amendment right sets a dangerous precedent.

We have seen this in my home state of Colorado with the passage of a “Red Flag” law and Virginia beginning to limit the amount of ammo you can by. Both states are currently under Democratic control. This is how Government starts taking our guns. Many Democrats and far left extremists want to disarm their citizens. However, we can all agree that background checks are necessary and so is registering them. But that does not mean we can limit the guns they can buy, or how many they can own, or where they can use them. More government and more regulation

—more of a mess there is. I also do not believe the NRA is responsible. We believe in a nationwide concealed carry and more resources for gun safety courses and activities.


The United States is not the police force of the world. We must act in our interests and place our national security first. We, the people, do not want war despite our past and current battles. We certainly also do not want endless wars. Evil exists and always will—but we can do our best to minimize it. Our alliances need to start paying their fair share and help us in this factor we know as “burden sharing.”

In the East, we face dangerous powers. Russia and China are not our friend. Though we must work with them on trade and stability. Russia stands behind the Dictator Maduro of Venezuela and China is a currency manipulator. Both of which are trying to be the leading Superpower. North Korea has been an unstable region and must leave sanctions in place. Negotiations with this current administration have made some progress.

In the middle east, chaos spreads and brings death and destruction. For years that region has brought about many battles and wars. The United States must work with the states involved, understanding sovereignty, and minimize the damage. We have lost many lives in the region and in other battle and wars. We cannot continue to use our time, resources, money and most importantly American lives for these battles. Terrorism is ramped in the region.

I stand with the people of Iran against their dangerous regime, and the people of Syria against their Government and President Assad. Both regimes kill their own people, and Assad has used chemical weapon means. We must stand with the state of Israel not only because they are the only democratic state in the middle east, but because the Jewish people deserve their land and for them to live in peace.