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Climate Change

Updated: Feb 3

One hot topic that people want to address is climate change. This not just an issue liberals and Democrats want to fix, it is a problem that involves the effort of everyone. Not just the US, but other world powers like China, Russia, and Mexico.

Even if you don’t believe climate change is man made, we need to take better care of our environment. We, as good stewards of this planet, need to encourage protections for our ecosystems and Mother Nature. From the coasts of the oceans, to our forests in the midland, to preserving wildlife and other forms of life. So what can we do? Our climate action plan includes:

—Allows for renewable energy resources (solar, wind, nuclear, hydropower) —Requires we have clean bodies of water and prohibits dumping of waste and toxic materials in our bodies of water —Protects ecosystems and other forms of life —Encourages more plantation of trees —Phases out plastic and replaced with biodegradable plastic —Initiative to reduce waste and encourages innovation to turn waste into energy —Tax incentives for companies who keep low emissions