Aurora, Colorado Congressional, District 6  Republican Candidate

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Updated: Feb 3

Our healthcare system is a problem. High costs of healthcare leads to higher premiums, higher deductibles, and higher co-pays. This discourages people from seeking treatment and to others, it is a financial burden.

People are falling in medical cost debt and it is wrong. Big pharmaceutical companies have wronged the American people the same way our own government has wronged the American people by not acting. Every single election, politicians propose to fix this issue, but fail to deliver. Special interests, lobbyists, and big donors line the pockets of our elected members of Congress to refrain from fixing the corruption in the healthcare industry. This is wrong.

Every single American deserves affordable and access to the health treatment they deserve. Our vision of affordable and quality healthcare is outlined as follows:

—Eliminate state lines to purchase health care plans (increases competition) —Protect people with pre-existing conditions — Removing big government intervention and regulation in price decision making—let the private sector have more control. —Limit increases on premiums and deductibles (by measuring inflation) —Create a public HSA option to cover costs not covered by insurance