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Updated: Jan 16

We can all agree separating families is wrong, and does more harm than good. The current administration is being blamed for putting children in cages and separating families, when in reality the previous administration built these camps and also separated families.

We do not tolerate illegal immigration. It sets a precedent that anyone can come illegally and cut in front of THE LONG LINE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO COME IN LEGALLY. We are pro-immigration and we want people to come here. But that does not necessarily mean anyone can come in.

Democrats have deceived and lied to illegal immigrants, especially Hispanics, into thinking they will fix it. They are used as pawns and as votes. We have been wronged by both sides because we have a broken immigration system. Our immigration reform is outlined as follows:

—End chain migration —End lottery system —Appoint more immigration judges —Strong border security —Audit ICE continuously —Pathway to citizenship for DACA —Renew overstayed VISAs and reform the VISA process —Work with other countries in getting proper background checks on applicants —Expedite the long list of people wanting to come here legally —Grant residency status to law abiding undocumented immigrants  —Deport all DANGEROUS undocumented immigrants (MS-13, violent offenders, felons)