Aurora, Colorado Congressional, District 6  Republican Candidate

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Second Amendment

Our founders gave us the right to keep and bear arms for a reason. History shows us that Governments take over because citizens are unarmed. We are one of the few countries who allows our citizens to be armed, and for it to be a right. In recent years, these has been much discussion centered around gun control. Beginning to regulate what people can and cannot do with their second amendment right sets a dangerous precedent.

We have seen this in my home state of Colorado with the passage of a “Red Flag” law and Virginia beginning to limit the amount of ammo you can by. Both states are currently under Democratic control. This is how Government starts taking our guns. Many Democrats and far left extremists want to disarm their citizens. However, we can all agree that background checks are necessary and so is registering them. But that does not mean we can limit the guns they can buy, or how many they can own, or where they can use them. More government and more regulation

—more of a mess there is. I also do not believe the NRA is responsible. We believe in a nationwide concealed carry and more resources for gun safety courses and activities.